High quality peat-free compost

We supply a range of environmentally friendly peat free compost products, which will provide you with better land at a Betta Price.

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1kg Bulk Bag

Organic Garden Compost

This light and fluffy product is fantastic for adding to any garden area and breaking up difficult soils. The product will also enrich plant life by encouraging root growth through adding vital nutrients to the soil. This peat free compost is perfect for the environmentally conscious gardener who also wants an enhancement of plant growth.


Per Bulk Bag (Approximately 400kg)

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1kg Bulk Bag

Potting on Compost

Our Well structured Potting on compost is perfect for growing a wide collection of plants and shrubs. The comprehensively structured potting on mix also aids draining and moisture retention.


Per Bulk Bag (Approximately 400kg)

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