High quality sand

Our range of sand is suitable for all areas, regardless of size. We ensure it is of the highest quality so that your garden will be enhanced visually as well as draining being improved giving you better land at a Betta price.

Purchase our sand products below with free delivery to your door within 5 working days.

For orders larger than 5m3 please call our sales team on 01733211666.

1kg Bulk Bag

Sharp Sand

Our lime free and washed sand is perfect for improving drainage and texture within beds, borders and larger landscaping areas. This multipurpose product is 3mm down in size and also very useful as a base before adding patio paving slabs on top.


Per Bulk Bag (Approximately 850kg)

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1kg Bulk Bag

Building Sand

Our Building sand is primarily used in mortar for brick laying and pointing. It can also be used under paving slabs and in paving joints. Our multi-functional building sand creates a flexible and smooth application when used in rendering plaster.


Per Bulk Bag (Approximately 850kg)

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